Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car “Double Rewards” Trade-In Program

【保時捷認可易手車 Trade-in「雙重賞」優惠計劃 】

保時捷認可易手車 Trade-in 計劃升級優惠雙重賞,凡以現有保時捷換購指定認可易手保時捷,即可享有尊貴禮遇,包括免費獲贈機油更換服務乙次* 及以半價優惠延長保用至 2 年,讓您的保時捷座駕時刻保持最佳狀態。

歡迎致電 3180 3911 或親臨九龍灣保時捷認可易手車中心了解詳情。

*免費機油更換服務有效期為 12 個月內

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【Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car “Double Rewards” Trade-In Program】

The Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car Trade-In Program has been upgraded to a “Double Rewards” Scheme!

Special offers will be available for any trade-in of current Porsche models for selected Porsche Approved Pre-owned car stocks, including a one-off complimentary Porsche Oil Change Service* and 50% off on the redemption when extending to two-year warranty, ensuring your Porsche continues to deliver the ultimate driving experience.

Contact us at 3180 3911 or visit our Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car Centre in Kowloon Bay for further enquiries.

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